W7Pad tablet overview & specifications

W7Pad tablet overview & specifications


Please touch !


Magic sensitive screen with multi-touch interactivity and 3-way rotation for instant intuitive action

With a touch, tap, tickle and pinch, you are free to...
- Surf the web - as fast as you like, wherever you like.
- Share social worlds to your heart's content: Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Flickr.
- Read a book or watch a movie - words and pictures in high definition.
- Run the applications you know and love.
- Make images - stills and moving.
- Play, share and store more music.
- Shoot your own films in luxurious HD.
- Conquer a game demon, test your wits, master a match.

Fun and function

- Windows 7 and Office 2010 (the real deal)
- Flash, Silverlight and shockwave - and it works at lightning speed
- Webcam and camera (you know what to do with them)
- Microphone and speakers (ditto)
- Handwriting recognition
- All sorts of ports - so you've always got the right connections
- A battery life that's longer than the usual

Thin & Light Design

The W7Pad is as agile as a mobile phone. Inside its slim border (which is perfect for holding), you get the most generous hand-held screen size you've ever seen. 

This slim light thing brings you cloud service and cloud computing. Feel free to travel!


Intuitive User Interface and 
App Store

The UI Layer creates an intuitive finger friendly graphic user interface and includes a free App Store (1000+ apps available)

This interface comes on top of the Windows 7 operating system. Swift switching between the user interface and the Windows 7 desktop environment with the simple touch of a button.

Multi usage device

· Personal Computing
· Full Screen e-Reader
· Personal Media Station
· Mobile Internet
· Social Network Device
· Motion Gaming Console